• Lose up to 5 pounds a week!
    That could be as much as 20 pounds per month!
  • Stop those cravings and late night meals
    It Suppresses your Appetite so you Don't Feel Hungry!
  • A massively revved up metabolism
    means your body Will Not Store Fat anymore! You don't have to worry about what you are eating!
  • Extreme Body Fat Burning
    Getting rid of body fat is easy with this super charged method that allows you to shed pounds fast!

It Doesn't Have to be Hard to Lose Weight

Buy Koutea and lose Weight Here's the thing most people don't know - weight loss does not have to be hard.

  • It does not have to cost you a small fortune.
  • It does not have to require you to stop eating all of your favorite foods.
  • You do not have to spend hours at the gym or countless dollars trying topay a personal trainer.

If you are like many people who are overweight or just have a few pounds to lose, or more, then you may have tried every other weight loss solution and tool out there and not found any type of satisfaction.

Are you destroying who you are for your weight loss goals?

Are You Tired of Being Overweight, Tired, Lacking Energy and Unable to Be HAPPY?

Is this what you thought you had to do to lose weight?

If you are like many people who are overweight or just have a few pounds to lose, or more, then you may have tried every other weight loss solution and tool out there and not found any type of satisfaction. Are you destroying who you are for your weight loss goals and still not getting success?

We've heard the complaints about the typical diet and weight loss products and methods out there:

I'm tired of the hard exercises that leave me exhausted without benefits.

  • You work hard to lose weight, going to the gym and all of the blood sweet and tears you've put
    into it without results. This hard exercise isn't helping!

I'm sick of calorie restrictive diets that leave me hungry and too tempted to eat
the wrong foods!

  • You are tired of struggling to give up foods that you like and counting calories. You know that soda, snacks and even cake are things you want to enjoy.

I am sick of trying to dedicate time and money to a diet program that's failing me!

  • How much have you spent trying to lose weight on these types of programs and putting time into crazy workout routines that do not pay off?

You can't take it any longer and yet the health benefits of losing weight are so important and even life changing you cannot give up.

Lady drinking green tea
  • You can reduce the risk of heart conditions like heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight.
  • By losing weight, you can avoid conditions like sleep apnea which have been linked to heart disease and an increased risk of strokes.
  • You can improve your energy levels so you can feel like going out with friends or doing the things you love to do.
  • You can reclaim your health by reversing type 2 diabetes (in some cases) by losing a significant amount of weight.
  • You can feel comfortable in your clothing again!

Don't give up on the weight loss goals you have. You can lose weight. What you need to do is to find a way to lose weight without any pain and suffering involved!

Personal Trainers Won't Tell You -

Most personal trainers will tell you that you need to work out more and harder to lose weight. It is true that burning calories during a workout is good for you and will help you to lose weight, but it is a lot of work. It is something you have to dedicate all of your time and energy to making it happen. For most people, though, there just is not enough time to work out, take care of the family, handle the stresses of work and balance other needs. Personal trainers do not make it easy for you to lose weight! It just is too hard.

Dieticians Won't Tell You -

Dieticians tell you that to lose weight you need to put a lot of focus on your diet. Eating fewer calories is a must to drop the pounds. It is true that eating less will help you to lose weight but to do so, you need to count calories, minimize fats, boost vegetable intake and reduce white carbs in your diet. That's a lot of work and it is hard to do. Not only are these foods ones you may not eat a lot of, but who has the time to do all of that work? Dieticians do not tell you that lose weight this way is incredibly hard to do.

So, what can you do to finally see the weight loss you need? Don't give up, just get smarter about how you are losing weight.

What Is the Solution?

To boost your health and to lose weight, turn to KouTea. This is a combination of 4 very powerful teas that creates an immediate health benefit to the body. By drinking one to two cups of KouTea a day, you can feel better and even look the way you want to.

This is because of the unique ingredients found within this tea:

Green Tea
  • Powerful Green Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea
  • White Tea

What makes KouTea better for you is that it has these four teas within the blend, creating a super blend, if you will, of teas. The highest quality tea is included, which gives you the ability to count on the results you will get from

Remarkable Health Benefits of Green Tea Explained

Good Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea are clearly documented in numerous studies. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea is packed with antioxidants that help you to look younger and be healthier. Antioxidants flush the body from free radicals that can cause cancer.

  • It removes free radicals from the body that can contribute to health problems like cancers and heart disease.
  • Green tea boosts your metabolism. This helps you to burn through stored fat in your body super fast. You will be using energy faster.
  • Green tea helps people to lose weight who are overweight and helps you to maintain the weight loss for a long time.
  • Studies indicate green tea can help those who are moderately to severely overweight or even obese to lose weight without any additional activity.
  • Green tea's catechins turn up the fat burning effect in your body - making it easy for you to lose weight for good.

KouTea Contains Oolong Tea

Oolang tea is another super packed tea that is included in KouTea. It, too, has plenty of research backing it for what it can do to improve your health. It has been linked to helping to reduce chronic health conditions in the body, such as inflammatory conditions like heart disease. It can help you to have strong bones while also boosting your antioxidant intake. This wonderful tasting tea has a nice fruity flavor, but it is the health benefits that really make it stand out.

  • Used for more than 400 years in China, Oolong tea is packed with nutrition. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as calcium, manganese, copper, folic acids, potassium, selenium and carotin!
  • It controls obesity. Oolong contains polyphenol compound in it. This is one of the best compounds in the body for controlling the metabolism, especially fat metabolism. It works by attracting certain types of enzymes and then works to enhance the functions within the cells of the body.
  • Use it to bust stress, too. The Osaka Institute for Health Care Science notes that Oolong tea helps to reduce stress levels by as much as 18 percent! The polyphenols in this tea help it to bust through stress. That can help you to have more time and energy to get fit, too!

Another of The Important Ingredients
in KouTea is Pu-erh Tea

Another of the important ingredients in KouTea is Pu-erh tea. You may not have heard of this one but it is one of the best options available today. Like other forms of tea included in this super charged blend, Peurh tea contains super powerful polyphenols in it. These attack those free radicals that enter into your body, clog your cells and lead to cancer, high cholesterol and even heart disease.

  • This tea can help to lower blood cholesterol levels by helping to remove free radicals from the body. It works naturally without any side effects to help you to feel great and help to drop your cholesterol numbers.
  • It works to help increase blood circulation throughout the body. With your blood able to flow easier through the body, every cell gets the nutrients it needs more efficiently and that can, ultimately, help you to feel great.
  • It can help your body to digest food better. Proper digestions can relieve many of the health problems you may have related to the digestion process including upset stomachs and painful colon issues.
  • This tea works as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic. That means it can aid the natural immune system in improving health overall.
  • It has the ability to suppress the fatty acid synthesis process. That means it can help you to lose weight naturally without any stringent limitations or costly pills. It works to naturally allow your body to lose excess weight.

KouTea Contains White Tea

White tea is one a flavorful type of tea known for its high quality and great flavor. It comes from a specific portion of the plant, just the buds and the leaves themselves. You will enjoy the fact that this tea doesn't have a bitter taste like some types of teas. However, it does have some great health benefits you need to know about.

  • White tea can help you to look younger. It contains polyphenols in high numbers. That means it works as an antioxidant to flush away the toxins found in your cells and blood stream. In doing so, it can help to remove many of the free radicals that making your skin look dull and old.
  • White tea is an excellent way to lose weight, too. It works to promote circulation and helps to maintain the blood pressure. In addition to this, white tea is also an effective tool for boosting your metabolism. As such, it will help you to naturally burn through fat cells in your body and even boost your overall ability to maintain weight loss after you lose it.
  • White tea can also help to lower high cholesterol levels. This is because of the catechins found within this tea.

It's clear to see that KouTea is the one solution you need to finally lose weight! Imagine, just drinking two cups of tea a day can help you to jumpstart your ability to lose weight and to look and feel the way you want to. You can do this!

What you may not realize is that
KouTea has dozens of health benefits

Drink tea and be happy

What you may not realize is that KouTea has dozens of health benefits. It can and will help you to lose weight but it goes farther than that. It will give you the boost you need to see significant health. Just check it out:

  • KouTea is a blend of 4 super teas - each of them with proven studies to back their ability to help you to be healthier and to lose weight. With KouTea, you will burn more calories faster than with any other type of tea blend out there.
  • KouTea's ingredients work to reduce the effect of some of the foods you eat - According to the Suntory Research Center located in Osaka, Japan, Oolong tea found in KouTea helps to lower insulin spikes that occur after eating carbs. Just drink a cup of KouTea 15 minutes before consuming carbs so that it can work to help you to digest carbs properly instead of allowing them add on the pounds.
  • KouTea's ingredients can also help to reduce the stress you feel. The amino acid L-theanine, which is found in KouTea can help you to calm your mind and body. It works to help production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. These can help you to sleep better, fight stress and just feel better.
  • KouTea's ingredients work to reverse the signs of aging. The Oolong tea found in KouTea works to remove free radicals from your body's cells. By removing these toxins, the cells plump up with hydration and look and feel younger. In some studies, such as those done by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto in 2004 indicate that drinking Oolong tea daily can improve your skin in as short as 15 days.
  • KouTea's ingredients strengthen your immune system. Again, in the same study of Oolong tea, it was evident that consuming this tea daily can help you to lower your risk of infections and develop a stronger immune system. That's going to keep you healthy.
  • Even your teeth will be strong and healthy! Studies show that the ingredients in KouTea work to help prevent tooth decay and can help to inhibit plaque growth there.

This is no ordinary tea
KouTea is a special blend of 4 of the most potent, proven teas
that deliver fat burning, metabolism boosting ability to
your body - It works easily, too!

To gain the benefits KouTea has to offer, you just need to remember to drink it - That's it!

Green Tea Cup Buy KouTea and you get:

  • 60 Bags of KouTea's unique blend
  • 2g of KouTea in each bag - the perfect amount for a potent, tasty tea
  • Only select tea leaves are used to create our blend of tea

To get the health benefits of weight loss, improved immunity, stronger tea, lower cholesterol and other factors, consume as much KouTea as you can.

We recommend drinking at least two cups of KouTea each day to see the significant improvement in your health. To boost your improvements even further, be sure to combine KouTea with a healthy, low fat diet and exercise on a daily basis. KouTea can give you the support and energy you need to get results from your workouts!

How to use KouTea?

The Ingredients in KouTea Make it One of The Most
Effective Tools Out There
For Improving Health

Asian girl drinking green tea

Consider the following nutrients found within the teas found in KouTea:

  • A rich source of minerals including Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus and Manganese
  • Vitamins A, B1, C, E, K, P and Folic Acid
  • Detoxifying alkaloids including Theine, Theobromine and Theophyline
  • Super charged amino acid Theanine

The ingredients in KouTea have the nutrition your body needs. These ingredients have been proven to provide heart, bone and overall health benefits to the body. These ingredients work as an anti-carcinogen and fight off free radicals found within the cells that could lead to the development of cancer.

  • KouTea Tastes Great!
  • KouTea Contains All of the Nutrients Your Body Needs to Burn Through Fat!
  • KouTea Is Scientifically Proven!
  • KouTea Is Incredibly Easy to Use!
  • KouTea Is YOUR SOLUTION to Weight Loss Worry!

Keep in mind - not just any tea offers these health benefits. If you buy an inferior quality tea off the shelf of your supermarket, you will not see the benefits that the ingredients in KouTea can offer to you! It is the unique blend of our four tea leaves that helps you to get these nutrients.

If you want to lose weight using KouTea, simply drink at least two cups of KouTea per day, eat a sensible, low fat diet and get daily exercise. Many people see benefits from just drinking two cups of tea each day! That's the type of result you want to have!

Why Buy From Us?

When you buy KouTea, there's no risk to you. We know you will enjoy this unique flavor blend of teas and that KouTea, when used as directed, can boost your ability to lose weight and achieve these other health improvements. Still, there's no risk to you.


  • You do not have to spend a lot of money on a personal trainer.
  • You do not have to go to the supermarket to purchase all new, healthy foods.
  • You do not have to spend money on new clothing (at least until you lose the weight!)
  • You will not have to spend your days running or in difficult workout regimens.
  • You will not have to spend countless hours a day working out and sweeting.

All of the results from KouTea are available right away to you and there's no risk -

We know you will love our product because not only does it offer all of these health benefits but it also tastes great.

  • Enjoy a cup in the morning as you get up and ready for your day. The ingredients in KouTea can help you to get a fresh start on your busy day with plenty of energy
  • Drinking KouTea in the morning will give you energy and boost your metabolism. That way, your body is burning through stored fat easily and all day long.
  • Drink KouTea just before your meals, especially if you are planning to eat carbs. That way, it activates your cells and helps to reduce the insulin spike that happens after you eat. It also prevents your body from storing those carbs as fats.
  • Drink KouTea in the evening when you need a way to boost your energy. It can help you to keep your metabolism going.
  • Many people enjoy KouTea in the early evening, too. It works to help your body to activate serotonin and dopamine to create a good, calm feeling in the body.

It is easy to get the health benefits of the teas found within KouTea. All you have to do to lose weight and to feel great is to drink this tea.

If you are tired of not being healthy and struggling to lose weight, now is the time to make a change. All you need to do is to add KouTea into your diet at least two times per day. Our 60 tea bag box will give you enough to boost your health for 30 days! You'll love it and you'll want even more!