About Us

KouTea is a weight loss tea you can trust. We've seen the frustration on the faces of many people as they struggle through awful diet plans and waste money on products that just do not work. That doesn't mean, however, that you should stand by and do nothing. KouTea provides a safe, effective solution to aid your weight loss goals.

Who Are We?

RDK Global has more than 7 years experience in the Neutricitical and Dietary Supplement Industry. Our company manufactures and distributes KouTea and other weight loss products backed by scientific results. Our products are manufactured in an FDA-approved lab, which ensures the product you get is the highest quality possible. We are based in Dallas, Texas. We employ a team of more than 50 people to serve your needs.

Why We Are Here

KouTea is a weight loss tea is built on science and proven studies linking drinking each of the individual teas that make up KouTea with weight loss and overall health improvement. KouTea is effective.

We strive to provide the highest quality product for you. Beyond anything else, KouTea encourages weight loss success. While we do not offer specific weight loss advice, experience and research indicate KouTea is reliable. We want to please you, the customer, with the best possible product available.

Why KouTea?

What makes us different? KouTea is not the same tea as is found on the shelves of your grocery store or sitting on a dusty shelf on a shelf in the nutrition store. It's something different - something better - something built on science and handled with love. KouTea is designed to make sure you have every ability to lose the weight you desire.

KouTea is a combination of four teas. Each of these teas is selected because of the health benefits it can provide to you.

  • Oolong tea, known for its weight loss benefits,
  • Green tea for its metabolism boosting abilities,
  • Puerh tea for its immune system boost and digestion qualities and
  • White tea with its ability to encourage weight loss through improved circulation

Not only do we ensure you have access to the finest quality teas for their health benefits and weight loss abilities, but we also ensure the quality of the leaves that make up our teas. Only the freshest leaves from the best plants are added. If you buy teas off the shelf at the grocery store, chances are good you will get leaves picked months if not years ago. They have lost any and all of the nutrients in them and many times they have a very bitter taste. That's not going to help you to lose weight.

What We've Built Our Company On

KouTea is the foundation of our company. It is our promise to you. You Will Lose Weight. In order to provide this to our customers, we have taken several steps to ensure that every aspect of our product and company meets your needs.

  • We have a simple and effective website that makes ordering very easy to do. We provide all of the latest security measures and provide a Privacy Policy to protect you.
  • We ensure that only the finest ingredients make it into our products.
  • We ensure that you are getting the best possible offer out there for Kou Tea. Our prices, including our buy 3 and get 1 offer are the best you will find.
  • We provide numerous ways for you to contact us with your questions and consumers, including our FAQ section with most of the answers you need.
  • We provide testimonials from our customers and those who have sent us information about their benefits and successes from Kou Tea.
  • We strive to provide you with the best possible shipping methods and the lowest possible rates.

Boost your workout regimen and eat a well balanced diet while consuming KouTea twice a day for maximum results. Talk to your doctor about any weight loss regimen you plan to take on before making the decision.