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How much green tea to lose weight?

How much green tea to lose weight?

You can lose up to 5kg per month, and be more energetic and healthy, by following a green tea diet. Green tea represents one of the most common drinks, having countless benefits for the organism, silhouette and number of kilos. The diet is very easy to apply and can be adapted according to your own needs, so that you feel comfortable and see the results without struggling.

  • 1. Drink green tea before every main meal and in the evening, before going to bed

    Green tea is consumed half of hour before the meal, and acts like an appetite inhibitor, so that you eat a lot less. More than that, tea contributes to regulating processes in the organism and increasing metabolism. In this way, you will succeed in burning more calories during your regular daily activities, during the green tea diet. So, if you question how much tea to lose weight, 3 cups per day can be enough.

  • 2. Eat natural aliments

    One of the purposes of this diet is to detoxify the whole organism, so as to optimize its functions. This is the reason why you are advised to totally reconsider your daily menu, and introduce natural foods which are as little processed, completely eliminate refined sugar and white flour, and give up smoking and alcohol, at least for 2 weeks.

    Breakfast suggestion for the green tea diet:

    • A cup of green tea, 20 minutes before breakfast
    • One portion of pressed whole grain, mixed with seeds and some raisins
    • One glass of grapefruit juice or skimmed milk

    Lunch suggestion:

    • One cup of green tea, 20 minutes before eating
    • A crème soup of broccoli with a teaspoon of olive oil and just a little salt
    • A piece of grilled or steamed chicken or fish
    • One apple or some plums, one hour after eating, as desert
  • 3. Get used to do constant physical exercises.

    If you are not attending a gym, watch a DVD and work the main muscular groups at home, or just jog every day for 30 minutes in the park.

  • 4. Get balanced and find yourself

    The purpose of the green tea diet is to lose weight, but also to detoxify and become energetically balanced, so that you are in a physical and psychic harmony. That is why, a very important component of this diet is to find yourself, solve your problems, find equilibrium and meditate at least 10 minutes every day.

  • 5. How much green tea to lose weight?

    There is no optimal quantity; you can consume as much as you want within this diet. The Chinese doctors that practise traditional medicine say that even 10 cups a day can’t harm your health. Still, if you have problems sleeping, tea should be avoided in the evening, because it has caffeine.

    When dieting, most people only pay attention to what they eat and not to what they drink. The mistake of ignoring this aspect can be costly, since 1/5 of the daily calories come from drinks. The correct choice of drinks can influence metabolism, can stop hunger and reduce the total number of calories. If you are a big fan of acid drinks, you must give them up as soon as possible. The replacement is water or green tea. Thus, you will reduce hundreds of calories per day. Green tea has 0 calories and also gives you energy.

    If you are wondering how much green tea to lose weight, do not consume less than 3 cups a day, and it is guaranteed you will lose the kilos accumulated from eating unhealthy food. Tests have proven that green tea does its job even if you continue to eat unhealthy. You will still lose some weight and have decreased blood pressure. However, an efficient diet can’t be limited to drinking tea. Green tea reduces cholesterol and diminishes food cravings; it helps the body process sugar, so it sets the right premises for a future weight loss.

    Any diet, not just the tea diet, should be followed for 4-8 weeks, precisely for the organism to have time to get used with the changes. Teas which are destined to be part of a weight loss diet need to:

    • regulate digestion
    • have diuretic effects
    • be energizing, accelerate metabolism
    • detoxify
    • act against ageing effects

    Basically, if you ask a nutritionist how much tea to lose weight, you will be recommended 3-4 cups per day, between meals. The green tea diet is ideal for tea lovers, but it is also an excellent way to become a regular a tea drinker. Luckily, there are many varieties for you to choose from. The 3 main daily meals need to be controlled when it comes to portions. Experts say that if you eat from large plates, you have the tendency to eat more. The same happens with the drinks. If you drink from large glasses, you drink more, and alcoholic drinks have many calories. Use smaller plates and narrow, tall glasses for drinks. The meals have to be balanced in carbs, proteins and fats.

    A quarter of a plate must be occupied with red or green vegetables, a quarter with proteins and half with carbs (fruits, vegetables, whole grain). Fats are missing, because they represent the last level in the food pyramid. They can be present under the form of a teaspoon of olive oil, some nuts or flex seeds. These are healthy fats. Snacks must contain proteins and carbs, for example: yogurt with sliced of fruits or seeds. What is a diet without sport? It is an unsuccessful combination, which is why cardio exercises are mandatory.

    The green tea leaves are rich in active biological enzymes and contain vitamins and antioxidants. These enzymes temporarily block the amylase action, which is responsible for carbohydrates separation. To obtain maximal benefits in a diet, green tea must be deposited and prepared correspondingly. Prepared tea is drunk immediately, because it loses properties in time. The remaining tea can be reused with another quantity of water. After each preparation, green tea reveals a new favor.

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